Trivicides Eye

Welcome! New friend! Welcome to a fantasy fun-land!

Come with me to the center of a mad mans, mind-eye;

Our journey begins in this fun house!

The hallways have randomly allocated mines;

Would you care for a cup of tea or a slice of carrot cake?

Served to you by a manic mime!


Stay for a game of cards, please relax and take your time.

you’re only gambling with your life, afterwards;

On wards to the gazebo that over looks a herd of three headed buffalo,

sometimes they speak of the kind of things, no beast should know.

We can get high while they mumble about down below,

Sanity is over-rated anyways, so lets get comatose,

then ride the roller coaster with the angels and the ghosts.


The longer you stay the better you see them,

The more you lose your mind, the more they look like demons,

’till you either see Jesus and beg to be forgiven; or you’re consumed by bitterness

and then sat before Satan, listening to his welcoming sermon.


Well I discern, it’s about that time, it’s getting late,

if you’d like to see more, come back tomorrow between noon and eight,

as you fall asleep tonight, keep in mind,

the center of you – is found somewhere between love and hate.





Into Flight

It’s silent now,

and I know how quiet I’ve been…

reflecting… feeling like I’m,

Wrapped in a blanket of judgment.

I’d tell you a story, but starting here is closer to the ending.

It’s been gory since the beginning. I’ve spared the gritty details and

If I could glean a clean insight to whats keeping the tension tight,

in the air tonight; I just might – take you back to

when it didn’t matter about winning or losing;

To a time when my head wasn’t spun – When fun was simple fun,

before everything stating binding and ever since,

have been unwinding!

But I’m afraid through all your unwinding; the pieces of you

the birds are finding; Once chewed through, are not worth shit for glue –

You’re not a chicken,

Yet the feathers of the flock might stick to you may reveal what’s true;

You’ were meant to fly;

Mans greatest hour comes

when he rises above the external and internal clamor,

faces all the demanding faces, and his own;

and silences all the voices..

Counts the cost and knows there’s only 2 choices -.

Instead of just giving in, stands tall and in the face of adversity.

And when things get grim, remains calm through the storm within

I could tuck my tail and turn, crash and burn, but I’ve learned,

I’m prepared to make every wrong – right!

When I’ve finally cleared the run way I’ll take off! – into flight!

Satisfied to know that all my on-lookers,

never before… held such a sight.





To Eternity – or bust!

kick me in the face!

wake me up

shake me hard

tell me I am alive!

Look around a bleak world

realized I have survived!


Only to entertain lies

of those who’ve lied

about love.

Shove them from a roof,

let the truth

splatter on  the cement,

I cannot lament

this absurdness.


Do we go on and dance again.

Do we play the song over?

I think, my dear,

our  time for dancing has come to a close.

I think we know where this goes.

Ill be in the hood,

here’s a rope… head for the gallows.

Long Live the User

Online, initialize automatic type in “” habit;

I’m trapped,

So I’m gonna drivel some crap into your lap;

Who could have predicted! – I’m addicted! –  to the rap of societies fallacy;

telling me what to be.

All I see is I – claiming I must be another peon easily preyed on;

Every time I log on, hours are sucked away and so far

I’ve seen the “worst prom” and “wedding photos”,

Rock stars and celebrities, once the life of many parties – burned out druggies.

Today… I hate to say it – I relate –

but in-spite of the rat race, I’m making an effort to break pace.

I’m spinning off my hamster wheel;

expressing how I feel;

as deep and real as I see it,

An effort to stand out as a little more original,

but I’m quickly becoming cynical,


and tyrannical too!  No matter what I do, when I sign on to escape;

My gestures are either too soon or too late!

Tempering a reality of individualistic idiocies of  myself

ground up, then filtered through main stream media;

The strong arm of conformity churning the grinder,

Ever beckoning.

Signing into the socials that slowly tear on my soul;

it’s up for debate; I feel a little more fake, a little less whole,

especially for the times I chose to be blind and spread hate!

Burning network to network – another person!

Another machine of the mind! Convincing us it has what we wish to find!

Just another gate,

Keypads and pixels,

dispel the spell,

we’re just stealing time and tampering with fate!


Strife Strike

Stitches on the hitches of every hang up;

Been pulling me by the britches since the break up;

Too shook up – stuck up –  just shut up!

Enough is enough! Save your breath; you don’t understand!

One more breath, and you’ll be tasting the cuff of my back hand!


I don’t intend to offend you and if I do I certainly don’t want to fight you;

but I too have the right to stand up and speak out for what I like!

If it’s a diss to you and you cant let it pass and you need to chew the verbal fat;

talking nonsense; you skew your way through truth, like a dirty rat!

Every word I put down is like a natural trap; you don’t know you’re caught

till you’re upside down – getting a bad rap; another cynical clown;

nothing better too do other than too turn my frown around!


So I’m gonna clown around and meander mindless; numb and dumb;

all around town! Living the moment, feeling out who’s feeling me;

looking to be freed, looking for truth; looking for someone who’s in need;

looking for someone who’s looking for the one who’s looking in and paying attention!


Cause lifes’ best lesson is the best is gone

before you knew it was the best; so let that test

your mind and in time you’ll find the secrete;

To silencing mental strife and truly know what it means to live life…






Last Words

I know you’re toxic, a venus fly trap – this is probably a set up; but I guess,

I’m a little lost in the darkness again, yet maybe your friendship I can harness;

What harm could come between us? Turn a blind eye and try to be on the better side;

I’ll forget every pre-fired – self-defensive lie that was intended to cleverly mislead;

Instead cued me in!

If you actually knew though, actually knew me; you’d have spoken

truthfully and  honestly from the start:  Back to the start; A broken you looking for a

spare part – to plug your holes and  patch your ragged heart; “Gullible, unkind, evil” me,

stopped to give hypocritical you the time of day and once again I allow myself to be

swayed by loosely splayed words, dripped from intoxicated lips  – honey laced with

poison to make the victim slip down your throat a little easier – nature certainly didn’t

bless you – nor did it nurture.

You take what you can glean; play a frame of a picture – a broken meme far from perfect;

overused predictable idiosyncrasies playing true to the fallacy  – if it goes for me it goes

for you because that’s just what you use to do! – You haven’t changed at all! Throw up the

wall to block me out – and I know it’s only cause you know I’m about to shout the last

words! I’m never leaving my bit unheard – you twisted – absurd idea of a thing called a


It’s the same – even here at the end, I bend to your will knowing full well what

you’re about – manipulative and full of sad excuses exchanged in hindsight as wisdom.

Thus only proving my prediction you’ve forgotten; You’re a ragged doll and your heart is

rotten. Surely you’ll return to the same ruts you’ve wallowed in; go on, and let the worms

crawl back in!  Double up on your own hypocritical poison – due time to repeat the

lesson! Back to the start –  a broken you looking for a spare part –  to plug your holes and

patch your ragged heart, “Take your thirst somewhere else!” is what I wish I said first!





Poisoned Reality

Walking closer to the mirror,
I distance myself from reality.
My reflection runs away into
another world created by me.

All I see there is lucid images of what,
Could possibly be my thoughts.
Abstract images of bent reality,
Each so delicate and vastly complex.

Senses soaring to new heights,
A mind equivalent of a million geniuses.
Everything becomes so clear,
As everything is over-thought.

My mind struggles with simplicity,
As a confusion of horrible strength,
Strangles me like a little rag doll.
All that was ever real is truly fake.

My body is sitting on the ceiling,
As my head crawls along the floor.
My flesh feels like it’s melting and,
There are moving patterns on the door.

My reflection is laughing in the corner.
No wonder i’ve felt so damn paranoid,
He’s been watching me with my eyes!
Oh well, in this world thats no surprise.

Time slips us further along into it all.
Thoughts come, then are mutilated.
Time loses it’s reality bearing powers,
As powerful thoughts form temporary reality.

The mirror ripples as it spits at me.
I come too, and catch my reflection.
I begin to break free of the environment.
Reaching for the door knob that,
Is shrinking, I open the door and,
Step out of my dark tiny washroom.

March 21st/05