The world is a con,
Silently they come down,
You’re long gone,
A part of my frown.

The whisper in the breeze,
The doubt in the eyes,
The saucer light above the trees,
Watch me die.

Nothing matters anymore…
Nothing matters anymore…
Open Hades, open the door…

Push me over the edge,
Bring my hate to a boil,
Remember what I said…
Wrap my eyes in foil.

Chasing Shadows

I’m trying to recall the journey,
The feelings of the last 8 days,
Trying to remember why,
Trying to recall where,
It all began to unravel my mind…

Where was I headed when I started this trip?
Did I have a direction of deluion planned?
And what was driving me so hard…why?
Why did I feel the urge to escape?
I’m so tired of same boring routine,
day in and day out, combined with my stress,
Im breaking down and acting out,
Reverting back to the old barbaric me.

Who really gives a honest fuck about reality?
I’ll take my anger and burn it like jet fuel,
Launching me beyond the fringes of insanity,

By night I’ll be a mad man, peeking out the window
Analying everysound and misplaced step of the normal routine.
By morning I’ll be a spooked out bug-eyed paranoid
Trying to convince myself I’m just imagining everything

And all the voices are really just in my head…
But that still does not explain everything…
I can’t trust my own eyes and ears, even my friends
So I’ll be writing signs and waving them in the air

Just in case they really are watching me.
If it’s not all in my head then everyone including the mood and sun
Is in on it – to scare me straight…

How much of it is real?
And if I knew the truth…
Does it really matter?

After 8 long days and nights,
Ive never felt more insane.
Despite all my unanswerd questions,
I do have some answers…

Though at this time,
im not sure they really matter.
Im staring up at the light,
From the bottom of the deepest hole I’ve ever dug.


Rising from the depths of my soul,

The madness of a thousand memories,

The repressed violent outbusrts,

Manfesting their own voice and personality,

And now theyre all screaming inside of me!
We’ve sold the lie,

For the small price

Of my sanity.

I guess my doctor was right

Ill never fit into society.
Infact I might as well play the part,

Keep in mind as you verbally judge me, 

I could easily stop holding back and let my dark side rip you apart.

Im too smart, to fall apart,

For the satisfaction of the faction of ignorant invalids

Spewing mindless shit, without batting an eyelid.
I feel my inner demons twitch and I feel the itch,

To carve you up and make the onlookers sick.

Youre too old and slow, and my minds to quick,

Ill let this slight slip, but next time you best get a grip quick,

Or else,
Or else!

Ill realease my demons and give you the reality check

A small minded, white picket fence – normal life dunce

Should get! Ill sever your ties to what you call reality,
Youll be one to regret,

One to never ever forget,

What it means to lean 

Face to face with a man,

Whos mastered mean.


I brought the shovel,

Hope you brought your stomach,

Cause were digging up skeletons,

Till the sun comes up…

And its a long way till dawn,

And we got a long way to dig,

And the deeper we go,

The bigger the demons were forced to face!

We may not make it till morning,

But for what its worth I gave you warning,

Just keep that lantern burning,

And for what its worth, dont stop digging!

We’re digging til dawn,

Digging until every secerte is revealed,

As bare as a dead mans bones.

Dark Hatter

I’ve been chasing dragons 

Down rabbit holes again,

Following a mad man,

Chasing that high, 

Now I’m Coming down the mountain,
I’ve been lost, four days now

Trying to follow the light

But in no longer matters what direction

The sun sets or rises in, 

I’ve been walking at night,

Trying to recreate my reality

Just a few more days and I’ll be climbing

That mountain again, chasing that high,

Trying to escape my reality –

Running away from what bothers me.
And when I finally reached the peak

A brother of the hood, turned to me and 

Asked what is real to you? 

And I had a million answers at once and I began to 

Alomost list them all starting with the fact that 

I am real but then cut myself off and 

Said no, not recently but I try to be….
So then,  I said slowly,

What is really real to me? And every soul I know?

Problems are real, we all suffer from problems,

Stemming from impulse choices based on our dark pasts 

Or opinions of others trying to manipulate us into 

Something they can use to benefit themselves, 

And then I told him society was no better!

Because all they want is to sell you junk to become somebody!

And when you got no money you are a nobody!

And suddenly I realized 

 I was talking talking to myself…

No one was listening…


I kin of like losing myself in a poem

And the end of a long day

Labouring in the field – 

I work my address off and all I want 

Is a beer and to write a poem…

Maybe go fishing…

How is it I ended up treated like some kind of vilian?

Die Laughing

I will not hesitate to debate the shit you relate to

“Blah blah this is so cool” you look like a tool,

Blabbing your mouth and waving your arms – fool. 

I can’t be bother to recite the kite to fly you sky high,

I begin to talk and lose you before I even begin to try.
If you want to beat me, 

You got be more than a loser 

I’m fixed on a destiny,

And you a gangter poser. 
I’m, fascinated with the search

For the meaning to life and death; wondering if

I should be afraid or laughing maniacally,