Perhaps the most significant sign

of ignorance

is the under estimation of an individual.

especially if that individual is yourself.

To under estimate oneself is a degree of ignorance;

a severe hindrance, unlike any other.

And though that may be the case,

I think,

this exists in us all

and yet some how life goes on

and we learn and grow,

begin to see the balance

and the ways in which we are unbalanced.

Then realize time there after,

is spent trying to mediate and shift the balance,

in our hearts and minds;

Always hoping to some how come out ahead,

having gained instead of lost –

To have profited from time invested:

and have proven thyself –

To have known the opponent, friend or foe,

to be of worthy company,

and therefor; the two of us, me and/or you;

or another – can come through such experiences,

better off than when we started.


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