White Silence

Today, I’m wishing I could rewind time,

’cause I find the more I reflect, the more I’m affected

by the things I couldn’t say,

now today- I’m screaming ‘to the silence

wondering if I said something then,

would you be here- with me- now?

Somehow- I have to believe that I’ll see you again,

so I can let you know,

that to me you were more than a friend.

If I ever believed that I could ever love,

and ever thought that I was in love;

you were the one- that made me realize –

it was there, right before my eyes,

…but my mouth failed me…

and today…

I’m screaming ‘to the silence,

wishing I could rewind time.


A Writers Punch

There was a bridge that brought us together

and there we stood and mingled in the middle

with the others, who knew you and I

but we did not know each other.

Not more than what one could interpret

from short shot glances.

I knew then I cared not to know you further

and tread light as a feather

as I enjoyed the company of the others and us together.

Then came a time when you felt my minglings

were not good enough for your standard

and how hard for me to digest this,

you, a king of losers, trying to diss.

Frame of Mind

The war is being fought, always being fought!

We win small battles, like today, giving birth

to hope that there may be an end.

And though we’ve fought hard to be in this moment

it passed before we had a chance to know it

For the enemy was more than upon us- again –

Hidden not just behind our lines,

he was in us – deep seated in our mind

whispering fear into us.

waiting for the day we drag our heels and sigh

and think “it wont ever stop”

To which he will reply, “You’re right so join me”

Causing in us, hesitation – the battle, we wont fight.

For how can I fire the gun when I’m the enemy?