Master of Reflection

What words wrought from the innards of my soul,
Can begin to communicate – a man feeling not whole.
I’ve splayed many templates of reflection.
Trying desperately to vomit up the devils infections.
I need to find freedom.

There are chains that I’ve built from unspoken words.
Silenced one to many times, I’ve been left standing; unheard.
Therein, I’ve uncovered the reasons for these writings.
Hoping someone is listening and reading about me fighting.
Trying to live a better life.

I speak frequently now, but none of it’s what I really want to say.
I’ve been tempered by the masses and act out a scripted play.
I’m an impostor, a man made of self defensive words and acts.
Though if you read this, you’ll discover my soul; its heart facts.
Here in these words I am real.

I’m tired of trying so hard to be noticed and accepted.
It’s all vain glory; pointing toward a man who’s often rejected.
There’s only one way out of this prison of perfection.
In broken humility, I’m pointing up “Jesus heal my rejection”
So I may live without fear.

May 26th, 2010


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