Love is Timless

Come to the doorway and stay a moment

hardly saw you standing there the first time

wrapped in apprehension; my judgments

did not do justice to the finer tastes

of nibbles and gently placed kisses.

Take a seat and attempt to meet me

as I greet you the second time

and notice the color of your arrival

like a signal to pay attention lest

probings fail at sweet flirtations.

My friend, we all need a moment,

that we can truly say is ours, in which

we shone so brightly for something

or someone; too be remembered as

beautiful and fragile yet complex.

And should you or I absorb to much fun

and think on it, and know that there

were simple delights enough to hide

in our hearts; melting away all nonsense

of the reality that some of us are prisoners.

Freedom comes by choice, the hard ones,

we think will break us or another.

So we refrain and in vain live out our lives

stuck, obsessively, only ever knowing

just a taste of what it means to be beautiful.


I’ll admit that here and now

Without you filling the spaces

Between the highs and lows

Of my life, recently  – I find myself

A little lost.

Its more than a nice thought

To think of you

And know that I inspire you

Just as you inspire me

And that sense of freedom;

I am craving more and more.

Knowing I am closer and closer

To the center of your heart

Just as you are in mine

And hoping time is on my side this time

To let you know

You are worth the while

To wait around

‘till I see you next.


Hey girl, it’s been a brand new thing

Getting to know you day by single day

Getting closer to you and finding

Moment by moment you’re in my thoughts


Try 2.

Life shifts so fast from 0 to 90 in less than 60

This turn around its more like 360 than 180

Steady and ready to test fate and create art

Push the limits of my heart, sparked to life

by pain and passion of the past, playing my hand

at trying to last – to somehow give meaning

to today – found here in the words I have to say.

Life and all its drama; strife and dilemmas


Try 3

I simply think of you now

More often than I have before

I ponder a lot of things

And hesitate sometimes and wonder.

And then start again and smile

Knowing you make my days sweeter.

I find you wandering

through my thoughts more often now.

Sometimes it seems like time passes

a little slower.

Dejavu like feeling

‘cause its not been long since you’ve been here

As the fresh memories replay

I’m already thinking of tomorrow

And missing you from now till then

As my thoughts assure me that

I am indeed growing fonder of you.

Untitled 2

My hearts racing faster than my thoughts,

Faster than my hand can get them down.

Cause baby, once again you’ve turned me around

From high to low, you got to know

You make me feel so electrified and I can’t deny

I got a thing for you and have always

Been standing right here just for you

Waiting for you to make up your mind

Hoping you’d finally understand and find

Love waiting here in my heart for you

And all you’ve had to simply do

Was reach out and take it and make it yours

Silly girl, sometimes it’s just stepping through that door

Opening up your heart and letting me in

Understanding that understanding begins

When two hearts are patient and forgiving

Cause baby, I got a lot love for the giving,

And if it’s here and now, I’d do it while we’re living

Not caring what may be down the road

Cause what’s down the road could be too late

So while it’s passionate and late

I’m writing poetry inspired just by you

Being so simply wonderful, you’re wonderful, wonderful.

No matter what you do, just believe – it’s true.

I love you.



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