Inhibitions Relent

Put this pen to the paper once again

‘Er more like fingers to key strokes

Fast and furious spitting words sick as sin

Shaming the average lyrical bloke

Knowing I posses the talent

To continuously flow effortlessly

With my thoughts to words to vent.

Can’t stop these hands of creation

Laying them to the instrument of choice

An internal spark to start the ignition

And begin to drop the grandiose.

These words are my passion, my voice.

I create from pain and happiness

Writing art with words for broken hearts;

Stories about a mad mans sadness;

His highs and joys- hate and everything dark.

I’ve been around a bit and to be here

Had to fight a few battles that’ll rattle

The average man who lives full of fear.

Not that I’m not afraid of a few things

Such as losing those I truly hold dear.

The fear of being alone will always sting.

I just want to connect maybe for a sec,

To see if I can reach out to a heart

Through all that is dark and spark

A connection so deep and true; me and you

Can be see through and maybe in this world

Feel a little more secure and maybe

For a little while, live with a little less fear.

Draw near to one another and share a moment

Unlike any other, but only after

Walls have come down and inhibitions relent.


June 7th 2011


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