12:48 pm June 28th 2011

I am awake

Now what do I do

Try not to think

About her

But that is impossible

Listening to music

That music that reminds me of her

And wishing she would call

My heart is broken

And hurting so bad

I just don’t get why

I know I love her still

And I can’t help it

I truly do love her

And truly will prove it

Even if it kills me

Like it does today

Slowly sucking my life away….

Just sitting here writing to the white walls

Scribbling thoughts on them

Eases the pain and passes the time

I wish I could share this with someone

I wish I had my life to share with someone

I wish I didn’t feel alone

I wish she didn’t feel alone

Why do we feel alone

12:56 pm june 28th

It’s the fact that my inspiration has been taken

The light put out.

Darkness welcomed in

As love is shut out.

Hope has been put out of reach

All one ever needs is hope

Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel

When all that surrounds is darkness

It’s the voice in your head that says keep going

You’ve almost made it.

You are almost free.

But if that light gets smaller and dimmer

And if it ever fades away…

The pace slows down and uncertainty creeps in

Steps stagger to a stop and I stand still and lost

Lost in the darkness

Panic sets in

Which way do I turn

Where is the light to lead me

What direction am I heading in

Am I turning back the wrong way?

Running in the darkness

Chasing after fading light


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