Demons and Angels

Internal struggle

In my mind

Of darkness and light

I’d like to say of light and darkness

But I know the darkness better than the light

It’s consumed me since birth

My life seemingly constructed to fill me with hate

Yet somehow have come to know the light

And love.

And hence the struggle of good and evil,

Darkness fighting to keep me

Light trying to rescue me.


In my mind there is a war

Of good and evil

Of God and Devil

Demons fighting angels

Around my spirit

I can feel it







And no one but me is aware of it.

It slowly drives me insane

And that is just what the devil would have

Yet God does not give up and relentlessly

Bangs at my beating heart

Waiting for me to make the choice

To turn the battle

In our favour.


July 12th 2011

Ron Bergquist

Note* Written in one shot, in less than 5 mins – without thinking. Like most my poems are.



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