One last Poem

One last poem

I want to write one last poem

Since I wanted to write one recently

About how good things were going

Then within a week

Things are gone and broken up

But even so I still will with simple words

Let you know

I love you and care for you

Have feelings for you

That won’t just fade away

Because you’re something really unique,

And I loved to just hear you speak,

Your story and let me know you and your world,

It’s been a whirl and I’m a little dizzy.


August 29th 2011

Ron Bergquist



Easier in Words


It’s easier to write in words

That I will miss you

And your smile

And everything about you

Your beauty in all its ways.

Everything I enjoyed with you intimately

Ended instantly to quickly for me.

I – am certain I will hesitate and debate

How much I want to hold you again

And kiss you

And love you


 August 29th



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