…like it used to be…

Lets slam this beer and think right here right now

and go wow I can’t believe how time deceives two into thinking

and fighting believing they’ve come closer when its not sure

if its him or her that’s made them go farther apart

broken hearts makes me wonder how the fuck did it all start

somewhere on a bench in a field behind a school

a meeting that never should have taken place but did

and I placed a kiss, did not miss her face her cheek and that first meet

that has us wanting each other more and more craving each others touch

and too much of a messed up past for us to last and ages like numerous pages

separating chapters and factors in life that say why one story is different from the next

what was I too expect – i didn’t want to admit i knew all along I’d be this wrong

to make you feel so right to fight to give you the best to test myself and selflessly live

to give you all i could give you – i really did.

I feel so stupid every time we fight at night drunk and think why we’ve sunk

and everythings so bunk and why I cant make you smile anymore … always sad

watching you walk out my door. wondering if I will see you again and fight sin and begin

to binge on vices and splice pain into pleasure and pleasure into pain and in vain

write here hoping to communicate to you how much you are loved

and even though push came to shove and I’m sitting in the unknown

I know I know I miss our words exchanged like this

like it used to be,

in poetry and words and love with thought instead on moments turned stale

and our words hashed out caught in fights already fought – we repeat and defeat ourselves.

damn – why do i do this – write to just write with no end in sight cause I fight in my night in my thoughts

from darkness to light – while drunk and wondering if I’ve thunk to hard on everything – or maybe not enough

or somewhere in between… I just want to love – love her or someone like a queen and then I could be a king

and sing songs like no one ever knew before.


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