Crawl inside me thru my eye

Lift the lid and wrap yourself under me

Absorbing insights light delights

Struggle to swim to the back

Behind the ball and into brain

See maybe we’re somewhat the same

Grey matter and blood vessels

Pumping life through the veins

Open wounds fill with pain

And bleed.

Exit through my scars and crawl along my skin

An arm’s length away in the physical

Another universe in the spiritual; shared sin.

Come in and come out

Open your mouth

And let me slip off your tongue

Drip, drip, drip

Pulsating nauseous words

For me and the unheard

Today; what have we learned?

The worst scars are left by burns

Flesh scarred like hearts and souls

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers

Took their turns picking holes

Digging us graves for us to lay ourselves in;

Lay naked in; animated corpses

Selling everything

Legs and ass, tummy and torso

Curvature of breasts and shoulders

Slender necks and bobble heads

Bobbing to the beats of diseased minds

That are speaking; listen – they sing

Sorrow and pain; turmoil tomorrow

Because of the sick faces of yesterday

Who weren’t content with masturbating.


souls raped,

spirits raped

and to never again be the same

even Jesus can’t erase the memories

and it’s because we remember we’re the same

struggled to find a way through the pain

to fit into society

to be accepted as normal

to have someone say we are of worth

so we can stop selling ourselves

for nothing.

Your skin; my skin; take another strip and print on it.

Five note, ten note, twenty note;

Leave us naked and broke

The show you played wasn’t free

It cost you, you and me.


Ron Bergquist

6:06 pm Nov 27th 2011




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