God breaks pride

By breaking bones

Hands and feet


With his anger

And we think what love is this?

But in the end when all one can do is pray

In helplessness

We become blessed

As humility is birthed

In inadequacy.

We fight God with fists

And run with feet

And work hard to build empires;

earn money with deceit,

He never asked us too.


It all comes falling apart

We fall apart

Break apart

And only now can sit helpless

And wonder why;

What to do next.


This is fear –

Not being secure in our own strength.

I need my fists to fight,

To work;

My legs to walk on;

To carry me on from here to there.

Now I’m crippled,

My strong hand broken.

I can earn no income

And all I have is faith.


Better faith than nothing

Or all I’d have is despair



I’m thankful my brain still functions.

Learn from me,


God breaks the proud

When you fight Him.


Ron Bergquist


November 28th


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