Burn Me Alive

It’s cloudy and  cold outside but I’m burning hot and alive.

I got my attitude, coming off as a little rude,

and i conspire to dodge snakes and climb higher

so tired of running bleary eyed; who’s all died?

and how hard we’ve cried; death tells no lies.

It’s a venomous thing, pain that stings

and brings us to our knees, begging please life please

be easier on me, help see, help me be free.

Ahhhh –  set me on fire and burn me alive.


Ron Bergquist

April 25th 2012

1:00 pm



You were the thing

the happy thing in the back of my mind

that when I thought about you

It made me smile and content


Your that thing when I think about

I feel a little sad

and don’t know what to think or how to feel.

I feel loss.

And I miss you.

Want to just not think about it

get past all of this.


easier said than done…

thinking of you right now.

are you thinking of me?



Cumulative thoughts come like laxatives and ease

my mind and release me from a state of fate

that to date I can not relay or relate – to

matter of a function of a functioning manner

of isms and prisms, prisons in which we’ve

dived into; together discovering the truth;

separating us and blinding us to each other;

time binding us  there after to the coldness of our

own minds where we find time passes a lot slower

when not together and it figures.

It figures.


Ron Bergquist

1:36 am April 9th 2012

Hold it in!

Reinvented is the lamented loss of words

of a demented man from a twisted time;

We’ve begun to evolve and lose the rhyme

and it’s a crime, I cant scream right now;

this is not the dream for me, I see much different

visions, I’ve had enough delusions

and intrusions of mind fucks –

shit out of luck and I’m laying my fists to shit.

Blast music and quit tryin’ to be so calm,

drop my anger like a bomb; blows everything

away; destroying peace of mind.

I find I – am unable to unwind; winding

and winding and – snap – there goes that;

that too, and all I was trying to do

to be more true to who I am – but damn,

who gives a damn and – slam them words

home to the bone so it chills the intended audience,

driving hard the relevance of pure honest communication.

Now watch the devastation of an angered elation

as I without hesitation pen my frustrations.


Ron Bergquist

April 2nd 2012