Pull the wool over the eyes

Nothing is as it seems,

this isn’t really me, just like that isn’t really you.

Just foolish impulses of thought mimicking the moment.

Another sheep amongst sheep, sure that’ll work –

and its confounding that nothing is better when trying to hide.

We’re empty responses to void beings that we don’t actually know –

I’m sorry but we’ve mistaken each other for someone else,

and it’s probably, partly our own faults.

The regret now though,

for going with the flow and blending in and baying away together,

like every other day,

cause sure enough I’ve convinced them,

that I’m one of them.

None better,

and to some probably less than,

a sheep with no wool –

and thus a problem of practicality thats pulling at my mentality

why must I be drawn into immature faculty’s?

And now that I am here how do I rectify these fallacies!

How do I commucate that you don’t get me,

and what you see, what you think is me, really isn’t.

I wish to make amends by simply starting again

and this time by not pretending to just be as the rest.

Sheep are sheep and then there are the shepherds,

not to be in with the heard, but at the head of it.

Ron Bergquist 

May 21 2012

1:29 am 


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