Reverse Polarity


Diseased, diseased, yes she is

naive, naive, yeah he is

smiles greet to entreat me

to the defeat of thee,

thinking you’re so fine, you’re so fine;

not this time; hey now know,

you’re a dirty rumor

in my life – a rotten tumor

torture, torture, through osmosis

I don’t even need to do it

through closeness.

Smile, Smile, return the smile

all the while talk about you

behind your back

revealing the facts,

diseased diseased, yes she is,

naive naive, yeah he is.

R.B March 2nd  8:45pm 2013



slithering up to me

Slithering up to me, brokenly you make me see you…

Innocently and sweetly you present yourself to me…


I can do no harm to you, I’ll always be true, for you.

I’m blinding myself with your skins desire for sin,              


It infects and I begin to crumble and weaken,

I’ve been so mistaken, standing here shaking 


You sank your fangs in and sucked my… life

And more, like a little whore – giving everything.


And still it stings where you’ve left your mark

Sparks in me the memories that yearn to burn.


Nothings sacred or special between us anymore.

You’ll eventually share it all with every other guy.


Sep 10th 2012

1:11 pm

Ron bergquist