There’s Still Sparks

And just like that,

 out of the depressive darkness,

arose the desire to see your face.


But no.

That would not be enough

As I imagined myself

Kissing you already.


Waiting in a parking lot,

Finally spotted you,

 walked right into your arms;

We hug without a word.


I wanted that hug to say everything

If I couldn’t say anything properly;

It’s hard to hold back all my thoughts.


We spoke well enough of that last night,

Through sweetly soft stolen kisses,

Whispered words and gentle touches.


A dream almost come true,

To be dreaming next to you;

But you can’t belong to two.


My heart breaks as you leave,

Yet you’re the one crying,

As I am realizing how much,

we do love each other.


Ron Bergquist

April 4th 2013

1:14 pm





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