Light Vs Dark

Since birth I’ve been cursed,
Infused with this anger,
Like it was spliced to me,
Strangling me, disallowing me to be free,
Tormented by demons, I’ve seen them;
I was young; it looked like mum,
Severed head floating next to my bed;
It exited my bed side into my closet,
I’ll never forget it.

Beaten and abused,
People wonder why I’m morbid;
Stepped on and used;
Unappreciated – I reached out and was hated;
“you just want attention they all said”
That all changed when they saw me almost dead.

Psyche ward stays;
I was so lost,
Nothing made sense;
What does life cost?
This confusion is dense;

Then out of the darkness that was I;
The darkness told me I could be,
An angel of death riding as one of the best;
A horseman of the apocalypse;
Bringing pestilence, destruction and death;
To me that made sense;
Very soon I had nothing left.

I was alone and lost, my world cold as frost
I was numb and dumb to it all;
And there God watched, waited for my fall,
And I fell and I yelled and I cried out,
And as I shouted, He spoke and broke
Through and told me what was true;
And since have been
Fighting a war unseen.

I could be an angel of light
And fight for everything right;
And true and good and let every man know he’s understood;
But yet I place my bet; that people are stupid
And I’m too intrepid to best the less
And teach them, preach to them;
Cause I’m a little dated,
And no one wants to be hated.
I have a million dreams and every one of them seems
Just out of reach, but if I believe what I preach.
Life will get better and improve;
We can make the best of what we’ve been through;
And when I’m trough I’m gonna be the dude who’s
Lifting you – sky high making you believe you can fly
For I got a testimony that can make anyone believe
They were born with a destiny;

11:09 pm
April 23rd2013
Ron Bergquist


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