Just a SMALL reminder

Where do I begin again?

To try to tell you that you made a friend

That will last until the bitter end.


I aint going anywhere,

Sure we’ve had our closure

We’re no longer together


We’ve had some bad fights

And many long dark nights

We’ve made it so nothings right


But girl let me tell you I’ve always seen into you!

Remember? It was true, I love you

Because of your past, the very thing you’re running from

I saw then what I see now, what you can become

That’s why we connected, we’ve both been so rejected


We built our sweet seconds off of old broken sorrows

That became our bitter saddened tomorrows,

We fell apart and our hearts grew apart and yet still beneath a spark,

You inspire me and always will, and until I die I won’t lie;

I get you, you know I do, deep down when you’re all turned upside down

I have the words to right your world, to calm the storms, you un-whirl in my arms

As I can disarm your harms, when we’re good and were understood, we’re great.

I know as of late all we’ve done is hate and exchange some painful words,

We’ve said our sorrys and that’s it? It’s supposed to be end of story?

We’ll I don’t buy it, cause you can’t hide it,

That you’re thinking of me and I see how much you miss me.

I guess I’ll be hoping in time you’ll find a hole in your heart,

And that you’re falling apart ‘cause you can’t find what you once had.


I am writing these rhymes to put it on the line and say it one last time

That I love you, and I’ve always thought of you as beautiful, never cared about how you looked

I liked how you felt, how you talked and everything you hated in yourself,

I put higher up on the shelf, out of sight, because I had delight in our conversations

And hopes and inspirations.


I hate the way you tear yourself down,

It’s kind of making me tear up and frown,

You’re so much better than you think,

I know you’re coming to the brink,

But hold on and be strong like I know you are,

Remembering you’ve come so far.


You’re not a retard, please discard all yourself hate,

I’d like to debate and say I can relate, I am a pile of problems,

I got goblins and demons too, it doesn’t make you a loser

and certainly not a failure, this is just the trailer

to your life, it’s just the introduction and so far it’s been tragic,

but I can see the ending and its staring you and its going to be epic!!!

 So don’t you forget this, you’ll teach and preach one day,

 “we learn from our mistakes, It’s our wisdom in the end that makes us great”


I can’t take it all away but I can say I am here for you

and no matter what you do, don’t  give up, keep being you.


Ron Bergquist

May 4th 2013

1:18 pm




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