a good day

I can tell today is going to be a good day, in a great mood rocking some nine inch nails, into the void. Such a good song. I can say so long to some negative feeligns and I am feeling super positive and happy. Finally made a drastic change I knew I should have made a long long time ago. Realized I am better than that person and always have been. I never should have lowered myself to her standard and degraded myself with her. No matter though, my mistake has been corrected at long last. She can go on living self destructively with her ugly, abusive, loser boyfriend and she can keep hanging out with the same low life go no where loser, skank, moronic friends. That is all they are. 

Am me? This devilishly handsome guy full of spirit and talent and greatness? What of me? What shall I become? I guess we shall wait and see? Maybe I will be famous, write a movie or a t.v show? Write my life story? Tell my stories, they are amazing after all. 

It wont be long till some one falls in love with me again.and then ill just continue to erase her from my mind and spirit. Just like she did to me. 

My dreams are huge, always have been, always will be and I will never ever give up. My writing is powerful and good, people love it. I love it. I need to focus it though, i need to just put this energy into something more productive? 

Yes, I am close to figuring something out….

life is still so young and fresh…

is it not exciting?! 


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