Two Shorts

Depression is infectious

It can be fed

Like a demon or a monster

A bad habit.

If you give into it

It gets stronger

And certainly over take you.


I have many strong demons

I fight them every day

Bad memories

Temporarily relieved with drinks,


And I,

And you,

Believe we are escaping;

But it’s only true for a moment.


There is so much more to healing.

We are so much more than quick solutions

To life lasting problems;

If we do not take time to address them;

They will best us.

End us.


12:21 am

May 15th


There is no recipe for great writing

Except maybe honesty

No matter what you say

Say it

It could be two lines

Or two essays,

Just have the bravery to say it

To own it,

To have known it.

That is writing.


12:25 am

May 15th


Ron Berguist


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