No, I’m not okay

Love, hate,

hate you when you’re with him

love you when you’re with me


I’m not okay,

broke down crying

realizing how hard I’ve fallen for you

and you

are not even mine to call anything dear.

My heart is breaking 

or already broken

i keep hoping

when I see you;

I fill with hope and feel the love

when we hug – 

then its gone

just like that

in a few hours

you walk away from me and change your mind

make it up 

just like 


choose to ignore me

choose to unfriend me

because you’re forced too?


what ever.

i hate this

I love you

I hate him,

i love you

I hate you

I love you.

does this even matter?

do I even matter?




I just want my friend back

I want MY love back. 


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