It was like I had hope again,

I believed I could soar again,

I even dreamed that we were flying together,

then you ripped off my wings!


I’m falling so far down…


It was as if you took me to the highest cliff;

Beautiful romantic view,

standing at the end;

You pushed me off,

And I plummeted into nothingness…


My heart now a black abyss

Complete numbness

I’m sinking back into the darkness

I cannot harness this.

Sorrow, I just want it to be tomorrow,

Gotta let it go.


How could you?

Do this exact same thing again?

I had the notion you may

But this seemed so much…


So much more…


And yet once again I have to imagine

How your lips feel.


Ron Bergquist

10:56 pm

May 24 2013





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