“We Create What We Hate”


It’s funny, 2.5 years late and still


calling other best friend

then dispersing again, 


go by,

tt makes no sense,

we were best of friends

Now you claim to be alone.

Broke up with your boy friend

stopped talking to him.

Ditched your best friend – me –

then say we need to see 

we have to stay apart.

How ironic

you now feel alone. 

Ron Bergquist

8:36pm June 29th 2013







Take a moment to take a breath

Burning sensation deep within chest

Like something new sparked a little fire

Clinging me to life and this mortal world

To know I could make a friend across the continent;

Contents my heart, pulls me from the dark


Thank you

For showing me what is true and you

Really sound so beautiful

That sweet southern Georgia voice

Soothing me as if it were medicine.


And your smile is something stuck in my mind

It’s not often you find someone so kind

To reach out so far, across the world

Binding us like shooting stars, seen over the night;

You’re my light in the darkness reminding me to harness

Everything that I am, to try to be a better man.             


I just want you to know

You’re really sweet.

Thank you.


Ron Bergquist

8:16 am

June 28th 2013


A Deep Well

I once again hit bottom,

Only way to go is up,

Enough of these cuts!

This self mutilation!

I need elation

Not her;

A revelation,

From heaven,

Of which direction,

I’m to step in.

They all say I’m lost in my head

Like I’m not all here

Mental infection?

Or bad friends?

Drinking influence?

What is it!

That has me so…




I want to find my path,

A place where at last

I find peace,



A purpose,


I think,

Can be a choice,

Or a series of choices,

Where are my choices guiding me?

6:37 pm

June 28th

Ron Bergquist


I drifted away

My heart slowly fading

Finally gave up

When you walked away

Left me wondering

What I was worth

My lungs burst

All the screaming

Inside I

Revealed in the morning

Through broken glass

Smashed chairs

Holes in the wall

My anger is powerful

I am lost to it

I don’t remember

Black out again

Fight with friend

Wish for death

But this isn’t the end

6:19 pm June 28th 2013

Ron Bergquist

Misplaced Convictions


You say you’re not a slut but spend

Time with people who spend the night

Drunk – your words I can tell aren’t your own

They are the advice of another,

And you tell me I control and smother you,

When I try to do nothing but offer you love and light;

Ah as Jesus said; “they will hate you outright,

For being true and bold and bringing conviction;

And speaking what is true, they will blame you”

Though know,

Till they learn their lesson,

 You will be the one scorned,


Ron Bergquist

3:00 am 26th 2013                                                                                  

What I need ( A Friend like you)


I could really use a true friend right now,

A true friend like you,

A friend like you ;

that I just lost

A friend like you;

Who could stop me?

From cutting;

But you only prompt me to cut

The words you say so carelessly,

In your hate,

Cause me to lose it,

and hate myself

I can’t be like this anymore!

So to end us here’s

Cuts for you

To  always remember us.


Ron Bergquist

2:55 am june 26th 2013


Never Trust

You thought this would end for you?
If you ever burned me again?
You keep insulting me?
While you have a boyfriend!
You keep fucking me and telling lies to him!!
Then expect me to believe you’re not fucking Brandon?
Even if I spew bullshit – only you know what you’ll ever admit;
You just let truth, slip
As if it will fall from your lips
As lies and you dare
call it honesty;
When really you’re best seen as something slutty.
It’s too bad you had to have no dad and go down this path
And last with me as you laughed with me then gaffed me with your hook;
Your look, mistaken jesters of affection which have taught me a hard lesson;
Never trust your heart.

3:33 am June 26th 2013
Ron Bergquist