From Your Soul Mate

You spoke of midnight kisses

I speak of those midnight misses;

Those moments when I am tormented

With you; your words, thoughts un-relented;


Night spent with Knights

Men who have not the fight

I have, yet they test my patients

And never; will I relent

My passions for you.


If I can’t prove them mentally and emotionally

Even spiritually

May I then, sweet maiden,  best him physically?


What shall I do to prove myself ever true

To simply, this one fact –

You and only you!

I am tied to you!

For far more worth than your own pleasures;

Which if I must play game to, I will!

And I will win.

I will have no sin

Of another man’s folly on my hands,

For I dare challenge any man

By any means

When he stands to challenge me a man

Of any means…

And though I am a man of passion and love;

I know how to be mean.


Ron Bergquist

June 12th 2013

11:15 am




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