Tree parts in one

Etching the Flesh


And in the turn of a momentary misunderstanding

We find ourselves, face to face ranting;

I can feel you’re broken – and me, it’s breaking!

I wish I could talk to you without shaking,

Tired of mistaking love for hate!

As I know I’m no longer the man you want to date;

But please let’s put aside all we have to debate;

And once again try to come together; relate!

We’ve made mistakes which has changed us

I know what we’ve been through has more than drained us!

We both question what the years have gained us,

Hoping they’ve done more than having pained us!

2:30 pm june 17th 2013

Ron bergquist

Carving the Flesh


It kills me to think I had to do this again,

Try to shove you away and say I end;

With you and say I can’t hold true

We are obviously not meant to be!

When you say you’ll never be with me

Again – and I sin with slits in my wrists ;

Now and how I could die for you and prove,

That I love you: Be the man for you, in all you want;

 But your kisses and affections come as taunts!

You haunt my dreams and all seems unreal!


You traverse your word, and whirl my world;

Confused and confounded nothing is sound;

In your proud state of hate and mind, that unbinds

Me and you – to think that was true – really isn’t

And again were prisms of reflections and ‘isms

Of prisons – of which you’ve hidden him’

From me and the truth that we could be together


11:26 pm June 17th 2013

Ron Bergquist


Emended; Burned Into flesh


There I was in a parking lot,

Hugging my best friend,

Staring at the trees that were bending,

Blending dreams on horizon with reality;

Presenting the fragility that this could be

The time we hugged for the last time;

As if our world was ending!

 I realized then; it was only the beginning.

Eventually we’d pull apart and began to walk;

 Talk as we stare at the trees and finally feel the breeze!

Slowly then, when it all slowly makes sense;

We’ll have seen the forest grown dense;

Immense thoughts we fought surface and face us

 against us again.

No more relapses of memories that have past us,

I can’t trust the moment, when it will bust?

I cannot deal with this! I wish I was an alien,

Seein’ everything from space’,

Dreaming to replace a shit world.

In which everything I love whirls in the opposite direction;

Like the erection of an Australian; stranded on an island;

Is how I’ll make you feel in the end; ‘cause I’ve dreamed our end

And I feel its time I put thought to rhyme and told you,

Were long overdue to be through!

I know one day you’ll regret losing me as you plummet

To the darkest depths with no precept;

Never ever again to be deeply received!

Too bad destiny finally reveals what shouldn’t be!

11:48 pm June 17th 2013

Ron Bergquist


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