Mistaken Honest Words


I love misconstrued mammals revealing themselves through hard thoughts

That challenge their very being

To have them revealing what they are not seeing’

What are you so mad about?

Why must you stomp and shout?

What is your disposition that you lay me to opposition

While I’m saying i agree with you?

You prove you only desire your voice to be heard

Above all the churned curds’

You think you’ve been slighted

While were all delighted

With the fact that you simply shared and proved you cared

To listen long enough to get to this point

But you’re bent out of joint and what good

Does that do you; when you’re the one being misunderstood

Yet place that blame on me? Say I’m the one who doesn’t see

As you even dare place words in my face

Like i was the one who got in your hair’

Its not fair to be turned away in your anger

Cause you can’t figure that you have conflict resolution issues.


Run away and blame me and put words in my mouth

And say i was the one who headed south yet

I’m the one smiling and you’re the one frowning and drowning,

To make further comment, this to me is amusing.

You’re abusing liberty of conversation for accusation’

Please restate your mission statement – so maybe then you won’t lament

And get so bent over nothing.


Sleep well and goodnight,

Take flight in your dreams and realize

What you see and think and feel and say

Is not at all as it really is or even seems.


1:21 am June 19th 2013

Ron Bergquist


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