Face book interrupted (for R.M)


How do you promote someone with tons of likes?

Maybe, mentions, and pics of drunken nights?

When the fights and lights have gone down;

Which have often found the group,

Taken to late night walks and talks (and pool jumping);

To say then it could be something more of conversing;

Of which of you; I believe, 

I’m truly appreciating, and attempting,

To not be “liking” and thus,

deviating from the “status quo”

too so bravely misbehave(publicly)

And write on your “wall”; 

and simply say;

though you’re such a short woman, 

you stand tall;

In your honest truth!

props to you, you’re so uncouth 

and test the rest tojest with you!!!

A true talent that does not relent,

And obviously inspires’ 

all those who admire



Written by:

Ron Bergquist

June 24th 2013


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