Stringing and Flying a Kite

Josh kite, i address you to say you lost the fight
As per last night my right was taking her to flight
In my arms with every intention to do you harm
And watch you squirm like a fat juicy worm;
And it’s my turn ….


Lose train of thought on our fight fought and realize,
My eyes know lies and my heart CAN BE SO DARK!
I re enact things like that Sharingan, instantly mimicking my enemy
And deceiving them into believing they are winning the battle,

You fight my fight; the end was plotted as you just started,
Id plotted to kill you as you hardly farted,
Now you’ll join the recently broken hearted;
Too know that yes! YOU WERE RIGHT ALONG!
I played and sang you; as a course in the end of a song!
I knew all along it’d be like this and even I told you’
From simple memory, you’ll never forget me, even though
You pissed on me “you’re ending soon” you’ll see.

Then she again
Comes to save.

She comes to save you face and save you grace!
But you can’t even keep pace! I make haste and save;
The love which was once mine, lost to you through the haze;
Of yesterdays, which have become today for you!
And now you, since, where I was once’ a prince then a dunce!
And back again! UPON YOU! Tell me sir? What is true?

I’ll never ever wish to truly know you…
Only manipulatively destroy you…
And take back the girl I love with all my heart
Cause if you could have her
You’d have had her since the start.

Ron Bergquist
12:50 am
June 24th 2013


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