If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a poem painting a picture?

I am a master painter with my words;

I have no brush but I have a beer, I am a lush

It’s okay; always have much to say, artistically;

Make a display of thoughts sporadically splayed

On paper that can make a lover or a hater

Peel off their deepest layers and feel!;

Something a bit more real than the tangible like…

Here and now and how we lie and try so hard to gain respect,

Between another and you and I; I Would rather die!

Than stop expressing true feelings that everyone can be seeing!

What is it to be bare? To show your soul even as a man or woman

presenting and promoting themselves as un-whole!

I take greater pride in broken talent, spewing words with no relent,

Than those who vent “I’m perfect, look at me you reject”

To say my subject is of the heart

Directed to those who were born in the dark,

But fought the good fight to stand in the light;

As equals against those who squeal against simple simplicity

The perfect ones teasing the lesser ones saying “you’re done!”

This is my battle I’ve won – not realizing “real eyes realize real lies”

The true truth is the hearts of those who have turned dark to light

We’ve won the fight and turned night to light – and now we stand,

Better woman and men.

9:46 pm

June 25th pm


Ron bergquist.


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