Split me

 My head in pounding like a jack hammer’s driving into it.

Demon at grips, smiling as he splits my head open;

Tearing out my pulsating bloody heart that beats with love,

For a girl who doesn’t even love me but kisses me,

Hugs , me, cuddles and fucks me all the same.

I have to hear about the guy – as she complains,

In my arms, in my bed and I am losing sleep,

Wondering what it is I’m trying to fucking keep.

My sanity is slipping and my skin can taste

The steel sliding across its pours, like a little violin

Playing a mourning melody of love lost;

The torment of it feeling like it’s so close

But it’s so far, like a large full moon on a dark fall night.


Ron Bergquist

3:20 pm June 25th 2013



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