A Deep Well

I once again hit bottom,

Only way to go is up,

Enough of these cuts!

This self mutilation!

I need elation

Not her;

A revelation,

From heaven,

Of which direction,

I’m to step in.

They all say I’m lost in my head

Like I’m not all here

Mental infection?

Or bad friends?

Drinking influence?

What is it!

That has me so…




I want to find my path,

A place where at last

I find peace,



A purpose,


I think,

Can be a choice,

Or a series of choices,

Where are my choices guiding me?

6:37 pm

June 28th

Ron Bergquist


2 thoughts on “A Deep Well

  1. Just keep going on. Life holds so many amazing things waiting for you. Screw the people making you feel this way and hurt this badly, they’re not worth it. Keep on improving yourself and moving upward and helping others.You can do it and if you need anyone to talk to, you can talk to me.Keep moving forward 🙂

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