Take a moment to take a breath

Burning sensation deep within chest

Like something new sparked a little fire

Clinging me to life and this mortal world

To know I could make a friend across the continent;

Contents my heart, pulls me from the dark


Thank you

For showing me what is true and you

Really sound so beautiful

That sweet southern Georgia voice

Soothing me as if it were medicine.


And your smile is something stuck in my mind

It’s not often you find someone so kind

To reach out so far, across the world

Binding us like shooting stars, seen over the night;

You’re my light in the darkness reminding me to harness

Everything that I am, to try to be a better man.             


I just want you to know

You’re really sweet.

Thank you.


Ron Bergquist

8:16 am

June 28th 2013



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