Powerful Words

Some people do know how powerful words are;

some people choose to still misuse them in abuse;

Rudely obtuse with loose jokes to jest and poke,

all in good fun, laugh at the pun, but some run

inside as sensitivity abides in some of us;

and with a little poking, even tender joking,

one could be deeply hurting someone.


I admit my own wrong in this,

having a weakness showing kindness

to those a little different than I;

Now realizing it’s no lie, every girl and guy

should only ever hear kind words,

bonding friendships – building worlds.


Speak words like you’re beautiful, or handsome; incredible!;

instead of words like you’re fat, ugly and terrible.

For words played as toys, become deadly weapons that destroy,

peoples friendships, relationships, hopes, dreams and joys.


Ron Bergquist

9:57 July 2nd 2013