Bitterness is an acquired taste,

one that comes with age;

foolish impulses impeding a man, 

leading him in circles.

No, this is not a dance,

these steps back and fourth,

have misled my step, 

I’ve stumbled over you enough.

our music ended long ago.

Lets stop dancing in foolish circles.


Ron Bergquist 

July 31 2013




Powerful Words

Some people do know how powerful words are;

some people choose to still misuse them in abuse;

Rudely obtuse with loose jokes to jest and poke,

all in good fun, laugh at the pun, but some run

inside as sensitivity abides in some of us;

and with a little poking, even tender joking,

one could be deeply hurting someone.


I admit my own wrong in this,

having a weakness showing kindness

to those a little different than I;

Now realizing it’s no lie, every girl and guy

should only ever hear kind words,

bonding friendships – building worlds.


Speak words like you’re beautiful, or handsome; incredible!;

instead of words like you’re fat, ugly and terrible.

For words played as toys, become deadly weapons that destroy,

peoples friendships, relationships, hopes, dreams and joys.


Ron Bergquist

9:57 July 2nd 2013