“and i fall into a hole, and i cannot take any more”

I give my apologies for simply being me

Then I think that’s kind of silly

To say sorry for just being free,

Living and talking and acting how I am

Like sometimes I really don’t give a damn;

The line blurs between insanity,

I want to be heard, simply;

I forget about the gist of humanity

My plight becomes all I see

I fall into anger and darkness

Rationality flees me as I try to harness sanity.


Why am I me why am I the way I am?

I see myself reflected back and the facts

Of who I am hit me in the face

A displaced slap of my own desire

Coming back and hitting me like fire,

Burning me with cold heat

Of the victory I had to defeat

Unintentionally, beaten all I love to death,

No rest, no breath, just this test,

Of figuring out what to feel and think

For who and why – again, here comes the brink!


“and i fall into a hole and I cannot take any more”

*”infected mushroom – infront of me”*

Ron bergquist

August 11th 2013

11:15 pm  





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