skeletal remain part 1 – part one of my best.

Skeletal Remains


Closing on a line that separates two dimensions;

Like the glass of a mirror – [that’s merely an illusion]

To say, what if one could draw closer towards him or herself?

Like one would when leaning in toward a reflection.                           

[What if we walked toward each other?]

No mirror though. No, just a junction –

Appearing and breaking – through panes of

Souls.  We’ve dared to contemplate the stirring

[Darkness] We sometimes find [Hidden and buried]

Trapped in me and you. [Reflected in each others



[It’s][ Manfest[ed]ing into a reality – [What should be

Spoken] breaking through [pin pricked holes] thoughts

Bursting – pulsing – Affecting will – confusing emotions.               

Simple Thoughts destroy worlds inside of worlds;

[Inward implosions]

Kill families and friends – while at the same time,

[Destruction – self reflection – sometimes]

Holds the power to turn nobodies – [a never meant to be]

Into heroes that could change the world.

But only – ever – if – the inexplicable and unthinkable

Were dared to be challenged – the path – at length, walked –

Through – to the end. [Step into the void of programmed lies]

Fight the notion that this is the way it’s meant to be.


Bend on that line – lean forward now – push into it.

[Into yourself or another] Nostalgic relapses – misfiring synapses –

[Convulsing involuntarily – a crack[ed] reality]

Folding one’s being inwards and melding into a singularity;

Emerging on the other side of what may be truth.

[Closer to death]


We may find ourselves staring into state(s)

We’ve tried to convince ourselves – never existed.

Catastrophic annihilation of the self may result.

If we [Choose to] struggle to accept that in each of us exists

A gateway to another realm in which our own truths

Are founded – or for others it will mean isolation

In the most secluded and empty ways of existing.

They might as well be dead – They are the walking dead –


In them – many crossroads intertwine at – that line.

Stunned and silenced by the flickering facets [Static]

[Like staring through a diamond]

Standing [still] in time – pause. [This will become a grave]

[What choice] Analyzed and malfunctioning.

Stopped by chance and excess of choice. [Lack of example]

Killed by love. The kind that should have cared

To exemplify what that word means. Love exampled

Immorality – [Every wicked thing] Examples of what love is not.

Remains etched into flesh and soul – [some]

While knowing what is not – may never come to understand what is.





A confusing [misunderstood] state. [Heart] – Between – [Mind].

Added to the equation of improbability and desperation.

[More often than not – resulting in self told lies]

Me – Between – You – Between – Me between another

Between you. – And back again – [Where we are going

Is not relevant until we understand where we’ve been]


Yesterdays minutes – [a mysterious realm] 

Where more often than not – truth is hidden.

Wrapped in lies. Lies equalling truth.

New truth. Y[our] truth. Swallow truth.

Force feed truth / and we phase into those days / haze.

Days filled with hours of bickering between – loved ones –

The – outsiders looking – listening in – [from another world]

Programmed. Day by day – Too Hate. Too destroy. Too – shut – off.


And in that reality – of the past – splayed bright red

Against the white of spirit. – Anger kicking into intoxicating

Level’s. Malfunctioning rationality and — spat out of that plane.

Enter/Now/Here/Today – Gripping in hand a piece of an answer.

Written on tissue paper.

Most of us don’t choose to give up our purity.

We’re forced into submission and painted black.

[Tossed into the world]


Today – Revert back to reminders forgotten – rage-

[Good days were days when no new scars appeared]

As our desires to be loved overcome our passions

To stand out. – [Pits us against one another]


Still between me and you and here and there –

No distance has closed and though we are moving

We’re standing still. [Even good days are bad days]

The days we’ve thought we’ve loved – can be chalked

Up to fantasy – brevity of the self – convincing the soul

Of plausible desires that could come to be – and save.

Revive. Resuscitate. Pull each other through – to the other

Side and come back to a plane where the only direction

[and thought]

Is forward.

[is hope]


Nov 6th 2010




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