Feel Fall

Feel Fall



phasing into something new.


teaches the other what they never knew.


is the air of early autumns.


memories better forgotten.


swirls around in swishes.


better left as vain images.


in imaginings of the mind.


stuck in wet clumps clog gutter.


cool and refreshing for the moment.


frost bitten fingers.


used to warm another’s cheek.         


Ron Bergquist

Sep 3rd2010



Fishing In the Mountains.


Fishing Antler lake, in the mountains ,

On Vancouver Island, in a Gold River;

Take the logging roads,

Up towards the reservation.


Walk along the trail where few have travelled,

Cast out your line there,

Sit and wait and listen,

To the sounds of nature,

Fish jumping, bees buzzing, dragonflies humming,

Waves splashing on the shore,


Close my eyes and breathe deeply;

I suddenly hear more.

My own heart and desire,

A burning fire, a voice telling me to just go forward

Everything will be okay.

This in time will pass,

And I will be stronger,



Moments pass into hours of peaceful rest

As I watch the fog roll down the mountains

As evening turns to dusk

I close my eyes one last time and…

Realized I’ve learned to exist in the moment,

I’ve learned to stop thinking of the worries that don’t relent,

I have become serene, strong and willing to go further.


I am happy.


My eyes open to see my bobber missing!

My rod tip dips, and I’m exclaiming “I caught a fish!”

Nothing than this is more peaceful, nor more exciting.


Ron Bergquist

8:55 pm

September 18th 2013

In reflection



Honesty, I closed my eyes to see better,

I learned how to hear the hidden parts of people’s hearts,

I became a person to read people to the letter,

Doing my best to help others lost in the dark.


Sadly those in darkness can be infectious

I just wanted to help, to love someone once,

I get the worst of it and yet get called vicious.

I’m the one still playing like a dunce.


‘ don’t know how much it pains me and others

To see you react and place yourself higher,

In relationships you never truly built with another

It’s like you’ve become a self deceived liar.


I tried my best to hold all this within

You can’t even begin to know how much it matters

Another argument with you, I don’t care to win.

I just want to focus on what truly matters.


It’s about me being me and being real and helping people feel

I’m not sorry that it’s mostly you who causes grief

I just want to get away so I can finally heal,

Is it asking you too much for a tad bit of relief?

After all it was you who did all this to me.


September  1 5th


Ron Bergquist 

Who stands before you?

If I’m met with fire,
I fight back with brimstone!
If I’m met with brimstone,
I fight back with molten lava!
Burn me,
And I’ll scar your entire being!

You’re not seeing that if you fight
I’ll fight
If you can talk, I’ll walk that walk
If you act in hastiness

I’ll meet me with your craziness!
Ill reply with my insanity
Go! test me with vanity,
And Ill best you with individuality.
Speak about what ails you physically
I’m the one able to tell you why – spiritually.

I’m not sorry you don’t get me.
I don’t waste words on the ignorant.
I don’t care for those lost in their own worlds,
Who only bring me to vent and rant!
Recant your words and realize I’ve not yet even been heard!

Ill let you make your display of ignorance.
Dance your little baby dance,
As I take the stance to only choose the words,
That will best be heard,
To get you to shut the fuck up!

I am not stuck up. I just don’t waste time,
On peons who can’t see where their own ignorance begins;
For when one does that, one gains more than wisdom and wins.
You’re a child. Meek and mild, and I am taming my wild;
To appease you, the lesser, in a lesson you must learn if you wish to earn…
My respect!
Until you catch my eye,
Ill treat you as a reject.

Meaning everything you are and everything you say,
Won’t even register with me on this day,
It will be in one ear and out the other, year after year.
‘Till you learn to respect, till you learn; learn to fear;
Someone of a greater knowledge is amongst you!
Do not make me sad, do not make me tear.

I will destroy you if I wish.

Ron Bergquist
7:57 pm
August 6th 2013

Reflections in the Water

I remember awhile back,

When I used to fish trout out of our dugout,

Our own personal pond we’d stock and fish.

We fed those rainbow trout on fish food,

From spring till fall,

Try to catch them all summer long,

On lures like spinners and flies,

But what worked best of all,

Was marshmallows smothered in garlic.


Recently I’ve been fishing trout

In different lakes on different routes,

And I’ve realized they’ve gotten

Skinnier and smaller,

In bigger ponds than our dugout,


I caught a few of fair size at the Quinsam dam

Not quite as big as I remember,

Then caught a few more at Antler;

Longer and skinnier,

For a spring to fall fetch,

Yet then again we did feed our trout the best.


I’ll always go back to those days as I remember;

I wish I could catch a trout like that;

Twelve inches long and six inches fat,

I’ll always remember,

compare the rest to that.


So it’s no wonder I threw them back,

Those at the dam,

They were of good size,

Compared to the ones I just pan fried.

I went from small to smaller,

I did try to throw them back!

But I wounded them thus their life they lacked,

So I felt I had to keep them;

To make use of them.


Girls these days are the fishers,

Young and inexperienced,

Catching great catches,

Not knowing what they’ve caught,

Until they’ve wounded it and tried to send it back, let it go;

Trying to catch a bigger fish,

Only to get a smaller one in a bigger pond,

thus reminding them of a time they had something

better and bigger all along;

Something bigger caught in a smaller pond.


Ron Bergquist

11:05 pm

September 5th 2013




Hello Stranger



She caught my attention,

as I was walking down the street.

I gasped and stopped,

then my heart skipped a beat.

It was she,

the one from my cage,

I was out,

away from those that make me rage.

Today like me,

she was free.


It was unpredictable,

most likely unstoppable.

Call it fate,

I called it our first date.

You see she was not like me and them.

She was of the norm,

a pretty flower on a long stem.

I was a hideous weed,

whose petals were dead.

Yet she looked passed the mends,

and into my head.


As I spouted my words for her,

I thought to myself,

and something occurred.

“I’ve just first met you, but I feel like,

I’ve known you for so long.”

Maybe I do belong,

and maybe my mind is gone!

For she is older and I am young,

If it were something way back then,

I’m positive past my ramblings that id be hung.


Just like when I saw her in the cage with me,

I shook my head and wondered,

What could ever be?

Then my brain thundered,

“You’re a weed and she’s a flower!”

But does that mean I have to go on being a coward?


As time wound down for our meeting,

I found myself panicking!

Time was fleeting!

I nodded and smiled and said,

“I’ll be here awhile.”

Then she stepped,

embraced me and I’m sure I wilted.

I was so happy

that for a second my world tilted.

I saw life from another perspective.


So from me to her, this poem I did give,

Then walked and wrote this,

Because I know if we should meet again,

These words to her would surely last till the end,

So as she reads and the end comes around,

I hope she doesn’t think it’s too profound!

In you,

A piece of me

I found.


Ron Bergquist

March 2003


Edited sept 3rd 2013

In Darkness’s shroud


The words in my brain are nothing but

Vagrant screams, mournful cries

and bursts of pure outrage!

There are no nice words

Or seamless lines of poetry inside of me

Even as I try to find my inner muse

I scream aloud “where is my voice!

Where are my words?”


I close my eyes looking for the source;

Only find confusion fighting with confusion

For dominance over my soul and spirit;

The legion growing stronger; I hear it.

The screaming is unrelenting, tormenting me.

All the angels are screaming too

But I cannot clearly hear what is true!


I want them to ALL SHUT UP!

So Ill drown them out when they surface;

smoke them out when they hide,

punch them out when they stand,

And dream them away when they haunt.


I am growing thin and fading away

I have but just a seed of faith left

I pray it is all I need

As I head toward the worst of my darkest days.


Ron Bergquist

September 1st 2013

11:07 pm