In Darkness’s shroud


The words in my brain are nothing but

Vagrant screams, mournful cries

and bursts of pure outrage!

There are no nice words

Or seamless lines of poetry inside of me

Even as I try to find my inner muse

I scream aloud “where is my voice!

Where are my words?”


I close my eyes looking for the source;

Only find confusion fighting with confusion

For dominance over my soul and spirit;

The legion growing stronger; I hear it.

The screaming is unrelenting, tormenting me.

All the angels are screaming too

But I cannot clearly hear what is true!


I want them to ALL SHUT UP!

So Ill drown them out when they surface;

smoke them out when they hide,

punch them out when they stand,

And dream them away when they haunt.


I am growing thin and fading away

I have but just a seed of faith left

I pray it is all I need

As I head toward the worst of my darkest days.


Ron Bergquist

September 1st 2013

11:07 pm


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