Hello Stranger



She caught my attention,

as I was walking down the street.

I gasped and stopped,

then my heart skipped a beat.

It was she,

the one from my cage,

I was out,

away from those that make me rage.

Today like me,

she was free.


It was unpredictable,

most likely unstoppable.

Call it fate,

I called it our first date.

You see she was not like me and them.

She was of the norm,

a pretty flower on a long stem.

I was a hideous weed,

whose petals were dead.

Yet she looked passed the mends,

and into my head.


As I spouted my words for her,

I thought to myself,

and something occurred.

“I’ve just first met you, but I feel like,

I’ve known you for so long.”

Maybe I do belong,

and maybe my mind is gone!

For she is older and I am young,

If it were something way back then,

I’m positive past my ramblings that id be hung.


Just like when I saw her in the cage with me,

I shook my head and wondered,

What could ever be?

Then my brain thundered,

“You’re a weed and she’s a flower!”

But does that mean I have to go on being a coward?


As time wound down for our meeting,

I found myself panicking!

Time was fleeting!

I nodded and smiled and said,

“I’ll be here awhile.”

Then she stepped,

embraced me and I’m sure I wilted.

I was so happy

that for a second my world tilted.

I saw life from another perspective.


So from me to her, this poem I did give,

Then walked and wrote this,

Because I know if we should meet again,

These words to her would surely last till the end,

So as she reads and the end comes around,

I hope she doesn’t think it’s too profound!

In you,

A piece of me

I found.


Ron Bergquist

March 2003


Edited sept 3rd 2013


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