Reflections in the Water

I remember awhile back,

When I used to fish trout out of our dugout,

Our own personal pond we’d stock and fish.

We fed those rainbow trout on fish food,

From spring till fall,

Try to catch them all summer long,

On lures like spinners and flies,

But what worked best of all,

Was marshmallows smothered in garlic.


Recently I’ve been fishing trout

In different lakes on different routes,

And I’ve realized they’ve gotten

Skinnier and smaller,

In bigger ponds than our dugout,


I caught a few of fair size at the Quinsam dam

Not quite as big as I remember,

Then caught a few more at Antler;

Longer and skinnier,

For a spring to fall fetch,

Yet then again we did feed our trout the best.


I’ll always go back to those days as I remember;

I wish I could catch a trout like that;

Twelve inches long and six inches fat,

I’ll always remember,

compare the rest to that.


So it’s no wonder I threw them back,

Those at the dam,

They were of good size,

Compared to the ones I just pan fried.

I went from small to smaller,

I did try to throw them back!

But I wounded them thus their life they lacked,

So I felt I had to keep them;

To make use of them.


Girls these days are the fishers,

Young and inexperienced,

Catching great catches,

Not knowing what they’ve caught,

Until they’ve wounded it and tried to send it back, let it go;

Trying to catch a bigger fish,

Only to get a smaller one in a bigger pond,

thus reminding them of a time they had something

better and bigger all along;

Something bigger caught in a smaller pond.


Ron Bergquist

11:05 pm

September 5th 2013





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