In reflection



Honesty, I closed my eyes to see better,

I learned how to hear the hidden parts of people’s hearts,

I became a person to read people to the letter,

Doing my best to help others lost in the dark.


Sadly those in darkness can be infectious

I just wanted to help, to love someone once,

I get the worst of it and yet get called vicious.

I’m the one still playing like a dunce.


‘ don’t know how much it pains me and others

To see you react and place yourself higher,

In relationships you never truly built with another

It’s like you’ve become a self deceived liar.


I tried my best to hold all this within

You can’t even begin to know how much it matters

Another argument with you, I don’t care to win.

I just want to focus on what truly matters.


It’s about me being me and being real and helping people feel

I’m not sorry that it’s mostly you who causes grief

I just want to get away so I can finally heal,

Is it asking you too much for a tad bit of relief?

After all it was you who did all this to me.


September  1 5th


Ron Bergquist 


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