Fishing In the Mountains.


Fishing Antler lake, in the mountains ,

On Vancouver Island, in a Gold River;

Take the logging roads,

Up towards the reservation.


Walk along the trail where few have travelled,

Cast out your line there,

Sit and wait and listen,

To the sounds of nature,

Fish jumping, bees buzzing, dragonflies humming,

Waves splashing on the shore,


Close my eyes and breathe deeply;

I suddenly hear more.

My own heart and desire,

A burning fire, a voice telling me to just go forward

Everything will be okay.

This in time will pass,

And I will be stronger,



Moments pass into hours of peaceful rest

As I watch the fog roll down the mountains

As evening turns to dusk

I close my eyes one last time and…

Realized I’ve learned to exist in the moment,

I’ve learned to stop thinking of the worries that don’t relent,

I have become serene, strong and willing to go further.


I am happy.


My eyes open to see my bobber missing!

My rod tip dips, and I’m exclaiming “I caught a fish!”

Nothing than this is more peaceful, nor more exciting.


Ron Bergquist

8:55 pm

September 18th 2013


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