There has never been someone 

to light me so brightly with their laughter!

I love when we laugh together, then laugh harder! 

each of us is the starter of another bout of laughter,

each joke taking us higher, 

into elation of each other presence.

we have a resonance of precognitive connection;

subconsciously connecting us.

I enjoy you immensely. 

thus, I cannot help but compliment you,

be your friend, give you my best 

and all my love,

Ron Bergquist

7:33 pm



My very last poem for you.

I am disappointed in you,

where did your faith go,

your faith in God

you … and me?

I was your best friend!

I changed your life

I loved you.

time and time again, it was me who you ran too

And now you ignore me?

For a new dumber lover?


sell yourself short

and in time you’ll be browsing for a new buy.

looking for a new guy

realizing you are unevenly yolked

it will be you who carries the burden 

of saving the relationship time and time again,

and instead of being carried above water 

like a queen,

you’ll be like a little boat that sinks. 

i know people are supposed to change 

but there is no sign of the real you left…

i hope hes worth it.


because hes not. 

and now

you’re not worth it either….

you lose…


at life,

and eventually him…

cause eventually you’ll wake up….

and see the truth….

of who you really are….

and on that day youll realize 

were more alike than anyone else.

but by then it will be too late.

cause im giving up on you now. 

enjoy your hell ridden fate…
… you werent supposed to be like the rest..
the rest who walked away…
but today i see you are that way…
your exactly the same…
its a shame……
good bye….
nice knowing you….


Ron Bergquist

Oct 27th 2013

Tapered Down


these times have me a bit confused, feeling a bit used!

I don’t know what to think! but every day I think of you!

I am at my brink! I can’t escape you! This new view! 

Like what am I to do? I cannot even be true with you.

We’re trapped with formalities of the terms of society

that has us conniving and imagining dreams;

were bending reality, as nothing is as it first seems.

In my vanity, of me, you’ll hear nothing but screams!

helplessness birthed in bitterness

i never imagined you’d linger so long,

on my consciousness,

I lied – you’ve inspire me – eye to eye!

never have I tried like I did for you,

simply said and did what i believed true

and before i could howl, you unraveled us,

traveled this bus, ‘till it blew.

I can still hear the songs you played

your voice,

I remember every night you stayed,

yet let you go, because it was simply your choice.

now here locked in a little sphere of fear

I am going in circles I cannot clear…

unless you some how come here.

I want you near.

’cause i hate these dreams

making everything more than it seems.

Ron Bergquist

Oct 23rd 2013

8:00 pm 

The Multidimensional Influence

Multidimensional spirit with dreams so heavy,

gravitational pull, makes them reality.

I can fly, at first I faltered but later teach others.

I learned to phase through anything.

In this dream I am a hero, saving;

before you know it, I wish I weren’t waking,

A master of my reality; this lucid dreaming,

has me realizing it;s not suprising

there are those with deepening callings

for even while they sleep they cannot

escape the metaphor that is trying to teach,

them they were meant for so much more. 

I fade between two consciousnesses,

each exchanging information with the next

I have vexed what I’m living

and continue living while I’m dreaming;

thus seaming together, with clever stitch,

two realities,I sometimes confuse,

where they start and end, yet,

waking up,with a hint of reluctance mixed with satisfaction, 

imprints of the dream before leaving hints

of the footsteps I am to follow..,..

A faint voice saying,

sometimes simplicity is often your best weapon.


Ron Bergquist

oct 22 2013

7:08 pm

You’ve Altered These Realities

black black black,

this time you can’t fight back!

no slack in reality,

take another slap!

Reveal your frailty,

in dreams and nightmares – 

fear stares you down,

its okay, fake another smile that is a frown.

deep down you know what is in tow,

two split between a faith;

this wont last…

i look and wonder

what does your heart truly say?

how easy is it to ignore….

that you like me. 



Ron bergquist

9:50 pm 

Oct 19th 2013

The Hidden Truth


I’ve learned to shut my eyes 

to not see things that bother me,

So i dont think the thoughts that haunt me. 

Then I don’t have to fret over feelings that have faded…

I think they’ve faded?

They’ve at least,

been masked with temporary loves,

and fleshly delights

that bring temporary relief of boredom and self hate. 


this is all vanity…

clinging to something because you lost something you really loved…

And though there is a measure of pleasure,

the truth is

you’re not truly satisfied…

something is missing,

the part of you that died;

self told lies cannot hide this.

In time your heart will guide you back,

to where you’re arms are meant to rest.

Ron Berquist

oct 19th 2013

7:56 pm 

To the Moon or Bust

To the moon or Bust.

I loved you with a true love 

one that forgave time and time again

you pushed me to my limits 

broke me

broke us

Still I tried to mend us 

and send us forward.

You misused that love and my trust

we were a rocket set to bust,

you tampered with the engine

we blew up.

And even as we plummeted

I reached for your hand. 

Ron Bergquist

Oct 19th 2013

7:45 pm