since you left i’ve had to stop wondering.

since you arrived I haven’t stopped screaming inside.

since we slept together, I’ve been craving more.

I don’t want your love, 

I wish you’d fade away,

I need more of your love!

I try not to look at you, but you’re so addicting.

I cannot even talk to you.

I dont want to stop talking to you.

So how is the lie your living going? 

trying to convince yourself and everyone around you

that you’re  actually happy.

I’ve gotten so close to you I know you’re a liar,

i know your tells and your cues,

I can see through you.  

I just want your honesty couple with your love,

I want you to be mine, 

Hes a loser, not meant for you and you know it. 

every day you run and hide what you really feel and think

but i cant help but see it.

You were once a friend,

you are not a friend,

you are my lover. 

Ron Bergquist


10:10 am


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