Untitled short poems I wrote at 6 am cause I couldn’t sleep.

Untitled short poems I wrote at 6 am cause I couldn’t sleep.

Where are all your friends
at 6 am?
are they sleeping soundly,
or tossing and turning again?
like me?
Why am I losing sleep,
trying to count other peoples sheep?
I am trapped in a solitary, waking nightmare,
life’s unfair.
But i tell myself it’s okay
it’s these moments that define us,
and ill let it make me strong,
ill walk away, and write another song.
6:12 am

Light another smoke,
like there is something romantic about death,
Kiss my lips little filter,
nourish my sanity,
I hear myself wheeze peacefully.
6:14 am
It’s all, all not alright…
its all… all messed up.
Im alone.
writing in the middle of the night.
6:17 am
Passage ways found in flight,
I fly alot with good intentions,
somtimes I fall down in traps,
I get stuck in the glass,
when my thinkng is cluttered.
I cant phase through you.
6:19 am
My Best friend plays this game
she loves me, but hates me,
she wont talk to me,
then out of the blue she does.
Im left wondering whats going on?
I’m glad shes doing well.
Yet bitter she left me in hell.
Its a matter of time – I see cells.
Is the world really so cold?
like the concrete of those floors…
This is the love we fought for?
Cold and stale like those walls;
that give blank answers when asked;
what does it all matter?
why do you matter?
why should you matter?
Why do I matter?
what is the point?
what are you up too?
My old,
best friend….
6:26 am
The real poet in me,
looks dead.
I gave him a poke,
dusted off the mold,
he said, BEHOLD!
I was just sleeping,
I’ve had no inspirsation.
The light went out.
So I slept.
I then asked,
shall we write again!?
He replied
someday soon,
I’m still waking up
and its still so dark,
im so sleepy.
Do you have coffee?
6:31 am
I’d be a liar to say
I don’t miss you,
I dont care.
but thats how ill act,
so i dont get soft,
and cry alone,
thinking of you,
cause i know you’ve done the same for me,
I do miss you,
I think of the old you,
cause I no longer know you.
Who are you?
And why are we dancing like this?
6:34 am
We confused the world.
We made them wonder.
if we made it ,
we’d have made them talk.
We had a story.
Now they all ask why?
Why did we love?
You were broken and ugly.
I was beautifully broken,
they said we didnt make sense.
For a time, I loved that.
Now there’s only cold truth,
making me say
“I don’t know why”
6:40 am
You were important to me,
I loved you.
I just wanted you.
I gave you my best.
you brough out my worst,
I can’t believe where were now at.
there cannot be any turing back.
Tomorrow will come.
But it will be black.
I need to shut off now.
I dont want to feel these feelings.
I dont want to think these thoughts.
6:47 Am
6:53 am
Wish you were here.
You smell so good.
even after work.
You smell the best!
Real and raw.
You are wonderfully perfect.
Stop talking.
Stop saying sorry.
just hold and kiss me.
I’ll love you all the same.
6:55 am
one voice so heavenly…
more like left behind.
I could never forget,
how she sang and held herself.
such a sweet, lovely, red head girl!
you can take me.
explore my world.
7:06 am
I dont want to sleep now.
give me another drink!
lets play music,
chat, write,
and love each other.

but I am alone…
my bed calls me….
memories are not enough…
last night wont sustain me.
7:09 am
7:12 am
One hour.
I need no more.
This second last line,
“I loved you”
Will find you in time.
7:14 am october 5th.
Short poetry by Ron Bergquist


One thought on “Untitled short poems I wrote at 6 am cause I couldn’t sleep.

  1. AWESOME POETRY, Its life uncensored and blatantly blunt. True honesty! Makes me feel less alone. Your unspoken words all written down..my little books of poetry and verse recognize the curse of love..it helps to let it go and let it out. Keep it up.
    Great stuff:-)

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