The Multidimensional Influence

Multidimensional spirit with dreams so heavy,

gravitational pull, makes them reality.

I can fly, at first I faltered but later teach others.

I learned to phase through anything.

In this dream I am a hero, saving;

before you know it, I wish I weren’t waking,

A master of my reality; this lucid dreaming,

has me realizing it;s not suprising

there are those with deepening callings

for even while they sleep they cannot

escape the metaphor that is trying to teach,

them they were meant for so much more. 

I fade between two consciousnesses,

each exchanging information with the next

I have vexed what I’m living

and continue living while I’m dreaming;

thus seaming together, with clever stitch,

two realities,I sometimes confuse,

where they start and end, yet,

waking up,with a hint of reluctance mixed with satisfaction, 

imprints of the dream before leaving hints

of the footsteps I am to follow..,..

A faint voice saying,

sometimes simplicity is often your best weapon.


Ron Bergquist

oct 22 2013

7:08 pm


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