My very last poem for you.

I am disappointed in you,

where did your faith go,

your faith in God

you … and me?

I was your best friend!

I changed your life

I loved you.

time and time again, it was me who you ran too

And now you ignore me?

For a new dumber lover?


sell yourself short

and in time you’ll be browsing for a new buy.

looking for a new guy

realizing you are unevenly yolked

it will be you who carries the burden 

of saving the relationship time and time again,

and instead of being carried above water 

like a queen,

you’ll be like a little boat that sinks. 

i know people are supposed to change 

but there is no sign of the real you left…

i hope hes worth it.


because hes not. 

and now

you’re not worth it either….

you lose…


at life,

and eventually him…

cause eventually you’ll wake up….

and see the truth….

of who you really are….

and on that day youll realize 

were more alike than anyone else.

but by then it will be too late.

cause im giving up on you now. 

enjoy your hell ridden fate…
… you werent supposed to be like the rest..
the rest who walked away…
but today i see you are that way…
your exactly the same…
its a shame……
good bye….
nice knowing you….


Ron Bergquist

Oct 27th 2013


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