Hysterical Theatrics


I look at you and see hysterical theatrics
that only deserve to be laughed at.
I cannot be bothered to teeter totter on perspective,

save your breath; what you have to say is relative.

So when you step to me please see
respect is earned and maintained,
not given in vain to fools who rule
with their mouths in mocks.

You’ll be another one shocked,
‘Cause I walk what I talk;

On the spot, without hesitation

Metaphorically spitting inspiration.


I have the skill to kill ill thoughts

Not just with these fists from fights fought:

But with every ounce of intellect I got

I refuse to be the one to stammer ‘n stop;

To be the one to get hammered and dropped!


Ron Bergquist

March 19th 2014


A Beginnings End

A day by a bench,
A kiss exchanged,
Regretting now…
The days to follow,
Eating calzones and candy,
Shared by me and you
Would soon be just a memory

Yesterday will forever stay the same,
All the good, with all the bad;
Sentencing me soon, again.
With everything wading on this,
Everything’s misunderstood,

I need something,
Something more!
Something new,
Something… not you,

This is angering me,
Wondering why I’m the one in pain.
I don’t believe this is fair,
This is the taint of bitterness,
Leading astray my thoughts,
How do I ask for forgiveness.

I need something,
Something more!
Something new,
Something… not you,

march 6th 2014

Nostalgic Echoes


Why is it then it feels this way?

Lingering feelings of a shroud of hope.

Everything evolved today,

It’s becoming hard to cope.


Realism stole my metaphor’s ,

It’s a little cold’n lonely here.

Forgot what I locked behind that door,

It’s still there after all these years.


A persistent whispering

Asking, are you okay?

The worlds darkening,

I don’t know what to say.


Everything will be fine,

Just a little more, just a little further,

Everything will be fixed by time,

A little darker, then a little brighter.


I’ll escape the darkness

 Lurking in the back of my mind,

Persistently plodding on

To become what I hope to find.


Ron Bergquist

March 6th 2014