Nostalgic Echoes


Why is it then it feels this way?

Lingering feelings of a shroud of hope.

Everything evolved today,

It’s becoming hard to cope.


Realism stole my metaphor’s ,

It’s a little cold’n lonely here.

Forgot what I locked behind that door,

It’s still there after all these years.


A persistent whispering

Asking, are you okay?

The worlds darkening,

I don’t know what to say.


Everything will be fine,

Just a little more, just a little further,

Everything will be fixed by time,

A little darker, then a little brighter.


I’ll escape the darkness

 Lurking in the back of my mind,

Persistently plodding on

To become what I hope to find.


Ron Bergquist

March 6th 2014


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