Wake up

Im back! but not like ever before, Im the old me, yet so much more. Never gonna take shit, cause ill never quit Speaking the truth even if its brutally uncouth! Lifes planted bombs in my brain, And my muse lit a fuse! Im gonna blow up, everything will change! This is the mass of pain Ive bottled up! Im about to erupt! Fuck your stuck up shit. You act like you legit But cant stop flappng your lips! Ill close em for you My fists will adore you! Unless you got words like a man, Not a teen being obscene, I hope you understand, Youre burning your best bridges. Wake up and realize. Youre a liar, sleep walking a dream. You speak from anothers eyes, Everything you say, isnt what it seems. Ron bergquist Agust 29th 2014


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