Rude awakening

Snap, twitch, say it again you little bitch!

Oops im sorry, i forgot who i was, pushed and shoved!

Moralites lay dead, fatalities, of dread.

Ive lost a lot of what i used to love!

Its holding me prison in my head.

I lie. Cast of this thick hyde and mask.

Im just an angery, scared, pissed, off human being,

Im tired of fruiteless friends that dont last,

Im so bored, im speaking out about what im seeing

Trying to be vulnerable enough

Trying not to be the bad guy

Everyones acting so tough,

But i see through the lies.

Can no longer look at yourself

So judge all the shit you despise,

Youve become a book on a dusty shelf.

Its time to open your eyes.

You’ve sold yourself short of true conviction

Tryig to get attention from kids learning lessons,

You used to never beleive in hesitation!

Now youre always second guessing!

Admit it, you lost it. Youre not on track!

Go on fake it! I aint buying shit!

You lost you! Thats a fact!

The friendship we had we’ll never get back!

Just let the beer and drugs take up the slack.

Im okay, you gave up. I accept that.

But fuck you! Wake up! Heres a slap!

I want my friends who gave a damn back!

Get real infont of the mirror,

Youre not the fairest of them all.

Everything became about beer or her.

Now you wondered why you had to fucking fall!?

Heres a hand one more time man,

I hope you undrstand

I had to slap you awake!

And ill be there in the wake!

To chase you!

Till youre once again true!

Ron bergquist september 2nd 2014


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